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Board Member Job Description:

Orientation and training is provided to make sure all directors and volunteers are comfortable and knowledgeable in their role.


A team player that looks to serve and support the mission of the company of children who have been abused with the willingness to:

  • Commit time for regular board meetings, committee meetings, and planning and events sessions

  • Attend planned functions and events

  • Volunteer at special events as required

  • Engage in critical thought and be committed to the future growth for the organization

  • Understand the Fiscal implications, budget and support of all Financial Obligations

  • Work well and respectfully of directors and able to build collegial working relationships that contributes to the consensus

  • Professional Image of the company, prepared for meetings and fully knows the mission and values of the company


  • Be knowledgeable about the organization’s values, mission and programs and services

  • Be an ambassador for the organization by promoting the organization work within the community

  • Ensure the organization financial viability and sustainability

  • Participate and be active in Fundraising Events, and activities

  • Assist in training and mentoring volunteers

To carry out these responsibilities, the board meets minimum one time during the month and when events are scheduled. In addition to attendance at Board Meetings you may be asked to assist in special projects.


To explore opportunities to join the Kovae House Board of Directors or Volunteer, Please contact, President, Vermico Smith at or 1-855- 91- KOVAE (56823)

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