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Guiding Light

Kovae House


Kovae Kids Book Club

The most cost efficient method of a therapeutic get-away comes in the form of a book. Books give us the ability to travel and every story has an ending. Once you’ve reach its strongly anticipated “The End”, it’s actually “The Beginning” of a new imagination. Allow your imagination to take flight as it unlocks the powers and possibilities of storytelling.

Kovae Kitchen

Mentorship with a certified culinary artist where life tastes good.

Climbing and Community

Get ready for a mountain top experience where climbing a wall is far more rewarding than taring it down. Simply because we get to do it again and again! We navigate through serval challenges and unique obstacles while learning to overcome many of life circumstances. As a community we start low and aim high. 

Kovae Couture

Fashion and accessories manufactured by the children of Kovae House. 100% of proceeds support Kovae College/Entrepreneur Scholarship Fund

Equine Therapy

“Kovae House” Equine Therapy is an excellent form of mentorship for sexually abused children that unlocks the emotion to trust again as well as the ability to regain the loss of control.

Art of Discovery

Art therapy with a certified art therapist where you draw from your internal emotion to create an external master piece.

Nature Natives

We’re all a product of nature. Nature Natives is an environmental form of therapy where Nativity and Nature collaborate to illuminate the origin of wholeness. 

Meditation Matters:

A form of therapy that journeys to an internal place of peace, love, and serenity; the place where light lives.

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